What is a Mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan used to purchase a home. If you are like most homebuyers and planning to borrow, there are many important factors you should understand before you even begin your home search.

mortgage-mdTo understand what a mortgage is, let’s use Lisa as an example. Lisa is a first-time homebuyer in northern Michigan, and went to the bank to be pre-approved for a mortgage (see How to Get a Mortgage for more details). After she was pre-approved, she found the perfect ranch home for sale in Antrim county. It has a beautifully decorated interior, is close to her family and work, and offers privacy in a heavily wooded neighborhood. The home is priced at $100,000, but Lisa does not have enough savings to pay the full – so she goes to the bank to take out a mortgage loan.

Lisa agrees with the bank to make an initial down payment of $20,000 (20% of the total price of the home), meaning she must borrow the remaining $80,000. The bank reviews Lisa’s credit history, income, and current debts, and offers her a 20-year fixed-rate mortgage with monthly payments of $500.

There are also costs associated with a mortgage. When Lisa signs the deal and makes the down payment, her new home becomes collateral, or a guarantee to the bank that she will repay the debt in full. In addition to the $80,000 principle, or lent amount, the bank will charge interest, so the total debt will actually exceed $80,000. If, at any point before the loan is full repaid, Lisa cannot make her monthly payments, the bank has legal authority to take possession of the house in a process called foreclosure.

In the next several sections, we will explore the details of a mortgage in more depth, including different types of mortgages, all the costs wrapped in a mortgage, and how to get a mortgage.

If you have any questions about mortgages, you can contact your local bank or mortgage lender.

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